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The Win/Win Relationship System. Easy to learn and simple to put into practice.

How to get what you want and give other people what they want at the same time.

This book is the foundation of the system that will enhance all your relationships.

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"I first met Clive at an introductory 4 day course for new employees at Norwich Union in 1977. He provided by far and away the most memorable and influential talk that any of us had that week. It was clear from this that Clive understood people and he knew how to get them to do things.

Our paths crossed occasionally over the years but in the late 1990's I was fortunate to be able to meet with him regularly, get to know him over coffee, fully understand the amazing breadth of his knowledge, and delighted to be able call him a close friend and mentor.

CATS has been with Clive for many years. When he first explained it to me it was on the back of my own use of the DISC system at my work. I suddenly realised here was a simpler, less cumbersome, system that provided the same results to me. It enables you to understand people. This is how Clive is able to relate so well to so many different types of people. It was clear that he had been using this system for so many years, that it was second nature to him - an unconscious habit. 



Read the book and, like me, you will be able to identify the different CATS in your life and thus how best to approach them in different situations. 

Clive always has so many projects on the go, all of which have their own merits, but in my opinion, so far, CATS has the most widespread appeal. So I have cajoled him over many months to set it down for all to see. It is so easy to understand, has no complicated charts or questionnaires, is not judgmental, and is immensely enjoyable. Read it and you will see how easy it is to become a CAT person, and the different CATS that inhabit your life."

John Doney

Managing Director, Capital Tower Ltd


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